Jute & Jade is a London-based brand that offers carefully curated and internationally sourced fashion accessories representing our love for fashion and travel.

Having traveled around the world and collected unique and one of kind fashion accessories for many years, the J&J brand was born in 2017 after a trip to Bali and discovering the craft of local basket weaving. In the times of disposable fashion and fleeting trends, our mission is to provide our customers with accessories that are timeless and stylish, while supporting young designers and traditional craftsmen from near and far-flung corners of the world and protecting and preserving their talent and unique skills. 



Did you know our rattan/ata bags come from eastern Bali, where they have been handcrafted by Balinese women for generations? The process includes weaving wet ata grass into bag designs and drying them under the sun. Once ready, they are smoked over the coconut husk fire to develop beautiful shade of golden brown. As a result, the bags come with a lovely smoky scent which disappears after airing them.

These bags are moisture resistant, very durable and will last years to come. And because of the handmade nature, each bag is unique and one of a kind.


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