We are SO excited and humbled to be able to announce we are celebrating our 25th year in business!!! We are celebrating by offering a sale to all of our wonderful customers that have made this dream a reality! We have invited these local vendors to come join us for the day as well! :

Copper Rabbit
Sucre Sweets and Socials
Runaway Rack
Refined Peddler
Swanee’s Soft Pretzels

**Come join us SATURDAY AUGUST 22nd  (9am-4pm)

As we were reminiscing about the fact the we have been in business 25 years, we pulled out the OLD photo albums, dusted them off and had ourselves a good laugh!! Im sure if you asked Ann, she would say it seemed just like yesterday she opened the doors of that cute little flower shop in Tremont IL with her good friend Candi. but WOW have styles changed! Hair styles, clothes style(thank goodness!:)  and DEFINITELY decor style!!!  Honestly we have SO many good pics documented through the the years, but I tried to just narrow it down to a few from that first year or so and share them with you!