We just wrapped up Winter Market 2021 and we sure are excited!! SO much new product that we fell in love with and ordered in from some great new companies that we are thrilled with!! It’s always inspiring when you walk the halls and showrooms and are oohing and ahhing over product, rather than having to scour for new and different things that aren’t the same ol, same ol!

We may or may not have ordered a LOT this time around, so if you want to follow along with the new product as it comes in, make sure and follow us on Facebook or Instagram as we try and update it weekly/daily with all the things! Heres just a few of the cool decor pieces we are getting shipped in over the next weeks/months!

Yes, thats right…we buy for fall and Christmas NOW, in January for this coming year.  You have to order now if you want to be able to get the product, even though it’s not available to ship until summertime.  If you wait until summer to order, it will mostly be sold out.  We usually have a hard time getting inspired to shop holidays, after we just came off the holidays. but this year, we were thrilled with the unique fall selection we were able to grab! Super fun textures and colors, can’t wait to display it in our store later this year!

Thanks for following along on our blog.  As always,  feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! We appreciate each and every one of you.

If you would like to look back on even more photos of great product we found while at the show, make sure and follow us on Instagram.  On our instagram profile, you can click on the latest highlight (Atlanta 2021) and tap through all the photos that were taken that weekend.